(917) 285-7362


First AppearanceFirewall

Latest Appearance4C

StatusIn use


LocationNew York City

(917) 285-7362 is a phone number Finch uses to communicate with his assets.

The number has appeared several times in different contexts.

  • In “Firewall”, Reese used the number to communicate with Carter about his escape with Caroline Turing.
  • In “Relevance”, Finch gave the number to Shaw in case she needed help at some point.
  • In “Razgovor”, Finch used the number to text Shaw the address of a doctor who could treat her after she got shot while protecting a person of interest.
  • In “4C”, Reese used the number to communicate with Finch and Shaw over VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) when he is on flight ZA427 (JFK to FCO).

The number is an actual telephone number that leads to Harold Wren's voice mail. This telephone number is currently in service and appears to be a wireless telephone number from the NY City area on the Verizon network.

Voice Mail Message

Harold Wren's voice mail

Hello. You've reached Harold Wren at Universal Heritage Insurance. I'm currently out of the office. I'm sorry but I'm not available. — Sorry, but the user's mail box can't accept more messages.

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