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Main Characters

POI 0506 Root

Played by Amy Acker

POI 0506 Bear

Played by Gotcha

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0506 Phoebe Turner

Phoebe Turner

Sarah Wilson
Engaged to Will O'Brien and daughter of Kent Turner, she is the heiress to her father's billion dollar horse racing empire. Although her father tries to break up their engagement Phoebe and Will eventually do get married.
POI 0506 Will O'Brien

Will O'Brien

Daniel Abeles
A public defender, he is engaged to Phoebe Turner. Kent Turner paid one his ex-girlfriends to kiss him to try and break up the engagement, but Will and Karen makeup and eventually get married. Will requests Finch, disguised as his uncle, to sing at the wedding reception.


Image Name Played by
POI 0506 John Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
POI 0506 Gabriel Hayward

Gabriel Hayward

Oakes Fegley
Main article: Gabriel Hayward
POI 0506 Medical Tech

Stewart (Medical Tech)

Brian J. Carter
Main article: Stewart


Image Name Played by
POI 0506 Bruce Moran

Bruce Moran

James LeGros
Main article: Bruce Moran
POI 0506 Howard Carpenter

Howard Carpenter

Russell G. Jones
A civil planner for the city, he was in-charge of the construction of underground tunnels for the five boroughs. His number came up when he requested Bruce Moran to look into the demolition of a tunnel which unknown to them was being used by Samaritan to dispose the bodies of its victims. He was killed by Samaritan agents and buried in the same tunnel.


Image Name Played by
POI 0506 Karen Turner

Karen Turner

Christina Bennett Lind
Kent Turner's eldest daughter and Phoebe and Janna's sister, she was in line to inherit her father's empire after Phoebe decided to marry Will. She was doping her father's horses to win races and was photographed doing so by Maggie. She tried to have Maggie killed, but was stopped by Reese and Root and later arrested.
POI 0506 Margaret Reynolds

Maggie (Margaret Reynolds)

Purva Bedi
The family photographer of the Turners, she had been photographing them for the past 15 years. She photographed Karen doping her father's horses before the races and was targeted by her team of assassins, but Reese and Root intervened to save her life.
POI 0506 Janna Turner

Janna Turner

Kati Rediger
Kent Turner's daughter and Phoebe and Karen's sister, she was a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding and invited Reese as her plus-one after meeting him at her sister's bachelorette party.
POI 0506 Kent Turner

Kent Turner

Tom Wiggin
Karen, Phoebe and Janna's father and the owner of a billion dollar horse racing empire. He tried to break up Phoebe and Will's engagement, but failed and the wedding went through successfully. He was also unaware that Karen was doping his horses to win races.
POI 0506 Beefcake Uni

Beefcake Uni

Dan Puck
A stripper dressed as a police officer, he performed at Phoebe Turner's bachelorette party while Reese went undercover as his security.
POI 0506 Officiant


Mark Delabarre
A priest, he officiated the wedding ceremony of Phoebe Turner and Will O'Brien.

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