Alexander Wyatt

POI 0103 Alex

Played byKyle Sutton

NameAlexander Wyatt



ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilyIan Murphy - father
Dana Wellington - mother (deceased)
Bruce Wellington - grandfather

AppearanceLady Killer

Images (2)

Alexander Wyatt is the son of Ian Murphy.

Alex was born to Ian Murphy and Dana Wellington, the latter of whose father Bruce Wellington did not approve of Ian. Wellington had one of his men tell Ian that Dana had an abortion and gave him money to leave town before Wellington ruined him. In reality, Dana did give birth to Alex before she died, and the boy was raised by Wellington as his heir to the family fortune.

Ian learned of Alex around eight years later, and learned that Wellington was planning to send him to a boarding school in London. Ian knocked out Alex's driver and posed as one to take him to the park. He and Alex talk and Ian says he knew Dana. Carter arrives and gives Alex money to get an ice cream. She takes Ian to the police station and obtains Alex's birth certificate so Ian can have custody of his son.

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