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Missing info from: Season 4

Aliases play an important role in Person of Interest.

Finch's Aliases

Main article: Harold Finch/Aliases

While his true family name is unknown, it was revealed in “Lethe” that Finch's real first name is Harold. He frequently uses the common name of a bird species as his surname. His earliest records ((“Wolf and Cub”)) list him as Harold Wren, which is also the name known to his best friend Nathan Ingram. Reese, Fusco, Carter, Alicia Corwin, Leon Tao, and Sameen Shaw know him as Harold Finch. Harold's fiancee Grace Hendricks knows him as Harold Martin.

Aliases related to Birds

Reese's Aliases

Main article: John Reese/Aliases Though Reese's real last name is unknown (only the last letter, "s", is shown when Carter reads his file in “Many Happy Returns”), his military records suggest his real first name is John. "John Reese" is an alias given to him by Kara Stanton in “Foe”. Finch, Carter, Fusco, Darren McGrady, Mark Snow, Alistair Wesley, and Sameen Shaw know him as John Reese.

Shaw's Aliases

Main article: Sameen Shaw/Aliases

Shaw's real first name is Sameen.

Root's Aliases

Main article: Root/Aliases

Root's real name is Samantha Groves. She's been using the alias Root since 1991. (“Bad Code”)

Other Characters

Several other characters are at this point only known under their aliases.

Some characters were introduced in the show under an alias, and their real name was revealed later.

Aliases that were made up on the go:

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