Alistair Wesley


Played byJulian Sands

AliasAlistair Wesley


OccupationMI-6 operative (formerly)

AffiliationMI-6 (formerly)


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Alistair Wesley is a former MI-6 operative who currently leads a team of ex-SAS commandos on a mission to influence the outcome of a corporation's entry into wind energy.

Character Background

Wesley, during his time with MI-6, became aware of John Reese's activities as an operative with the CIA, when he observed him on a past mission in Istanbul. Wesley left the service for unspecified reasons. He and his group seem to be interested in accumulating wealth either for themselves or unknown clients, but his true purposes are unclear.

Wesley and his team came to New York City to assassinate Oliver Veldt, head of a large energy company. Their reason for killing Veldt was to make money for themselves in the stock market.

Wesley coerced Dr. Madeleine Enright into a plan to murder Veldt during his secret surgery, disguising it as medical error, in exchange for sparing the life of her wife - who was targeted and under surveillance by Wesley's team.

Reese and his associates intervened, and subsequently Wesley met personally with Reese over a drink - he was immediately intrigued by Reese's abilities, and even offered to hire him, however Reese turned down his offer. Ultimately Reese succeeded in saving Veldt and thwarting Wesley's plan, and so Wesley retreated to JFK Airport to remain at large - as he left, he strongly implied he would return. (“Critical”)


  • Wesley can be considered Reese's British counterpart - he is a highly-trained and disciplined ex-spy, capable and dangerous, and impeccably dressed in a suit.
  • Despite implying he would return, Wesley was never seen again.

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