Angela Markham

POI 0105 Angela

Played byMeredith Patterson

NameAngela Markham


ResidenceNew York, NY, USA



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Angela Markham works at a tech company that designs software capable of detecting money-laundering transactions.

Markham oversaw the installation of the software at Onestate Bank which she deactivated for 3 minutes each day, allowing SP-9 to launder millions of dollars through the bank undetected.

On the evening of October 20, 2011 she was drinking heavily at a company party and killed a CPA while driving in a parking garage. SP-9 kidnapped Judge Samuel Gates' son to force him to sabotage Angela's case so that they could continue their money laundering activities. Due to the Judge's interference, Angela's jury found her not guilty.

Reese forced Angela to accompany him to the handover of Judge Gates' kidnapped son. Finch provided DA Ramirez with a folder of information detailing her involvement with SP-9. Following being "gift wrapped" by Reese, she was arrested again by Carter and Fusco, along with Jarek Koska and his team.