Aris Zappo

POI 0314 Aris

Played byStelio Savante

NameAris Zappo



ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationSymmetric Security


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Aris Zappo is the CEO of Symmetric Security.

Character Background

While helping Kelli Lin steal the Gutenberg Bible from Symmetric Security to help protect her daughter, Reese posed as a powerful businessman part of a nuclear plant company. He met with Aris to discuss nuclear engineering and security and managed to convince him to give him access to Symmetric Security's building.

At the building's parking garage, Aris entered his credentials into the entry login, and while in the elevator, he asked Reese if he really had a nuclear trigger in a briefcase he was carrying. Reese responded with a "no" and knocked out Aris.

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