Aubrey Hayes


Played byBradford Cover

NameAubrey Hayes


OccupationBusiness Executive

FamilyMarried (expecting child)


First appearanceNothing to Hide

Images (3)

Aubrey Hayes is an executive of the retail giant Riverton. He recently found out that his wife was expecting a child.

He and Riverton executives Neal Jenkins and Peter Collier attended a meeting with Wayne Kruger and Barry Timmons to discuss using the services of Kruger's internet data company Lifetrace. During the meeting, Kruger surprised everyone by presenting Hayes with a baby rattle and explained that he was able to deduce that his wife was pregnant by monitoring changes in his recent shopping history. He was impressed by Lifetrace's abilities and gave his approval for the deal to Jenkins.

Hayes attended a subsequent meeting where negative information about Kruger's past was made known. He flew home after Riverton reversed their decision to work with Lifetrace.

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