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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

POI 0117 Novak

Played by Solomon Shiv

POI 0117 Milos

Played by Paul Krisikos

POI 0117 Brad

Bradley Petrosian
Played by Erich Bergen

POI 0117 Sammy

Sammy Cruz
Played by Juan Carlos Hernandez

POI 0117 Veda

Veda Cruz
Played by Maria Elena Ramirez

POI 0117 Rafeal

Rafael Alvarez
Played by Ray Iannicelli

POI 0117 Cashier

Played by Maria-Christina Oliveras

POI 0117 BF

Bradley's Boyfriend
Played by Bret Lada

POI 0117 Woman

Woman at Accident
Played by Meghan Grace O'Leary

POI who

Played by Gregory Cook

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