Barry Timmons


Played byPaul Urcioli

NameBarry Timmons



ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.


AppearanceNothing to Hide

Images (3)

Barry Timmons is an executive at Wayne Kruger's company Lifetrace.

Timmons was present during Kruger's meeting with 3 executives of a major retailer called Riverton which was interested in purchasing Lifetrace's data. The Riverton executives were Neal Jenkins, Aubrey Hayes and Peter Collier. Timmons operated the slideshow presentation while Kruger ran the meeting. During the meeting, Kruger surprised everyone by handing Hayes a gift of a baby's rattle. Kruger explained that he had deduced that Hayes' wife was pregnant due to changes he observed in his recent shopping habits.

After the meeting, Timmons admitted to Kruger that he would not have been in favor of the stunt had be been appraised of it beforehand.

During a subsequent meeting which included members of the Board of Directors of Lifetrace, the Riverton executives were made aware of negative information about Kruger's past and called off the deal to utilize Lifetrace's services. Timmons berated Kruger for not disclosing earlier that he had a criminal record and had filed for bankruptcy because as the public face of the company Kruger's reputation was very important.

Due to the grievous nature of the information revealed about Kruger, Timmons asked the Board of Directors to call a vote to impel Kruger to take a leave of absence. This was approved and it was implied that Timmons was temporarily in charge.

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