Bernie Sullivan

POI 0106 Sullivan

Played byDan Hedaya

NameBernie Sullivan



OccupationNYPD detective


AppearanceThe Fix

Images (2)

Bernie Sullivan, sometimes known as Sully, is a retired NYPD detective who investigated the murder of Marlene Elias in the 1970s, forty years before Carter began her investigation of HR.

Carter asked for Sully's help with Marlene's murder to try to figure out why someone would want to steal the 40 year old case files. Sully tells her about Marlene and her son Carl Elias. He agrees to provide additional information, but was killed by Elias before he could. (“The Fix”)

A couple of weeks after his murder, Carl Elias was identified as his killer after leaving his blood at the scene which had DNA matching both Marlene Elias and Don Moretti. While trying to convince Don Moretti to help them with Elias, Carter shows him a picture of Bernie, identifying him as one of Elias' recent victims. (“Get Carter”)

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