Bob Sowoski

1x16 - Bob Sowoski

Played byJohn Scurti

NameRobert Sowoski


OccupationFood truck owner

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

FamilyAdam Saunders - nephew


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Bob Sowoski is Adam Saunders's uncle and legal guardian. He owns a food truck business.

He invests his personal nest egg as well as his business finances with Adam's firm. He grows concerned when he learns that the firm has placed an inordinate amount of his investment portfolio in one company, Tritak Energy. Adam assures him that everything is fine, but begins to investigate the company and his firm's recent investments therein. When Tritak collapsed, Bob lost a lot of money.

He tells Adam that he has put him and all his employees at risk but Adam promises that he will get the money back. Adam is able to recover the money and asks for Bob's forgiveness. Bob assures him that all is forgiven and they discuss opening a franchise together.

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