POI 0109 Bc

Played byFrancois Battiste

NameNashus Drake

NicknameBottlecap, BC


OccupationConfidential informant

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationJoss Carter

AppearanceGet Carter

Images (4)

Nashus Drake, a.k.a. Bottlecap, is one of Detective Carter's confidential informants.

He assisted her in locating Hector Alvarez and helped her find his second girlfriend. He claimed to have gotten clean after he was last arrested.

After Elias threatened to kill him if he didn't kill Carter, Bottlecap shot Carter in the chest during one of their meetings. She survived because of her bulletproof vest recommended by Reese. Bottlecap was gunned down by Reese before he could shoot Carter again. (“Get Carter”)

While he and Hosking questioned Carter on Reese's whereabouts, Hosking revealed Bottlecap's real name. (“Number Crunch”)

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