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Brad Jennings

1x21 - Brad Jennings

Played byJeremy Davidson

NameBradley Jennings



OccupationDeputy U.S. Marshal

FamilySarah Jennings - wife

AppearanceMany Happy Returns

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Brad Jennings is a Deputy U.S. Marshal married to Sarah Jennings, whom he physically and emotionally abused. When she ran away and hid under a false name in New York, he used his authority as U.S. Marshal to find her by making her look like a fugitive. He tracked her down and captured her. He prepared to kill Sarah, but Reese was able to rescue her and stop him.

Reese eventually took care of the situation by framing him as a drug dealer and delivering him to Torreón penitentiary in Mexico.


  • Reese also stole Jennings' badge and occasionally uses his credentials as an alias. This draws him the ire of Carter when he uses it to gain access to a crime scene. (“Shadow Box”)

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