Brian Kelly


Played byJames Knight



ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

AffiliationWayne Packer
Philip Chapple

First appearanceShadow Box

Last appearancePrisoner's Dilemma

Images (5)

Brian Kelly was a member of the mercenary group led by Packer and tasked with finding and stopping Abby Monroe and Shayn Coleman. He was arrested along with his group members and Reese when the FBI raided the bank where they tracked down Abby and Shayn and taken to Rikers Island. (“Shadow Box”)

At Rikers Penitentiary, he was questioned by Detective Carter along with the other three men arrested. Everything that he said during the interrogation checked out, and Agent Donnelly concluded that he wasn't the "Man in the Suit". In his cell, he was hung to death by Hersh, under the instruction of Special Counsel. (“Prisoner's Dilemma”)

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