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AffiliationAndre Wilcox's Gang, HR

AppearanceWolf and Cub

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Brick was a member of Andre Wilcox's gang.

After he killed Travis McGrady with Curtis and Trim, Darren McGrady tried to kill Brick but was stopped by Reese. Brick was later arrested by Carter, however, she released him after Wilcox asked Artie Lynch to free Brick and Lynch had Womack force her to do so.

Darren later had an opportunity to kill Brick again, but decided against it, so Wilcox prepared to kill Brick for his incompetence. However, Finch cut the power and Reese stormed the shop with a rifle loaded with bean bag rounds.

Andre and Brick tried to flee out the back, but Reese shot Brick with a non-lethal round, knocking him out. Brick and the gang were arrested by the police. Brick was presumably charged with Travis' murder as Darren and Reese had retrieved the murder weapon.

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