POI 0508 Briggs

Played byKim Ramirez



OccupationSamaritan asset


AssociatesJeremy Lambert

First appearance6,741

Latest appearanceReassortment

Images (4)

Briggs is a Samaritan asset working as an orderly at the facility where Shaw was being held.

Character Background

She is first seen restraining Shaw after she has one of her episodes following her surgery. While transporting her to another surgery she is knocked out by Shaw. It is later revealed to have been a part of a simulation by Samaritan. Samaritan labeled her as "ASSET 1421". (“6,741”)

The real Briggs is seen restraining Shaw after she has another episode. Shaw knocks her out while trying to escape but is discovered by Lambert. (“QSO”)

Briggs later goes to inject Shaw with her daily sedative and Shaw assures her that she won't try anything that day. Shaw then describes the escape plan she claims she won't use before enacting it, overpowering Briggs and injecting Briggs with her own sedative. Shaw is then able to enact her successful escape plan. (“Reassortment”)


Season 5

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