POI 0407 Brooks

Played byTheodora Woolley

AliasCrimson 6B



AssociatesDevon Grice

First appearanceHonor Among Thieves

Latest appearanceControl-Alt-Delete

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Brooks is an ISA operative partnered with Devon Grice. The pair is codenamed Crimson 6.

Character Background

Brooks and Grice are tasked with destroying vials of the Marburg Virus in NYC and eliminating everyone who had contact with it. They are later ordered to secure the virus and hand it to secure courier, who will arrive at their location.

In their pursuit of the virus, they encounter Shaw and another man being threatened by another group. Unbeknownst to Brooks, Grice lets Shaw escape. (“Honor Among Thieves”)

They are later tasked with eliminating four members of a sleeper cell in Detroit. Along with another ISA operative, they kill three of the targets but Yasin Said, is nowhere to be found. Brooks and Grice have orders to pursue the target once Research locates him, but are later contacted by Control. She orders them to access Said's laptop and report only her.

4x12 - Brooks position

Brooks in position. (“Control-Alt-Delete”)

The two manage to ambush Said, cornering him inside a building. He jumps through a window, falling on the street. Grice accesses the laptop, but it bursts into flames. They are forced to stand down and let Said escape in order to find him later. Grice informs Control about their failure.


Season 4

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