Bruce Dunphy

POI 0320 Dunphy

Played byMurphy Guyer

NameBruce Dunphy


OccupationUnion leader


AffiliationIllinois Machinist Union

AssociatesRoger McCourt

AppearanceDeath Benefit

Images (1)

Bruce Dunphy is a leading member of the Illinois Machinists Union.

Character Background

Dunphy and U.S. congressman Roger McCourt were in a dispute with another union about an airline contract - McCourt decided to join the opposing side to settle the dispute. Dunphy was angered by McCourt's sudden betrayal.

Dunphy later confronts McCourt at Washington D.C. - McCourt tells him to still sign the contract since there is a new one coming in next year - Dunphy is surprised by this and instantly calms down. He walks with McCourt and his bodyguards, and McCourt hands Dunphy a ticket to an opera at Kennedy Center simply to get rid of it. Dunphy thanks him and leaves.

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