Bruce Wellington


Played byRon Raines

NameBruce Wellington


OccupationAuction house owner
Real estate magnate

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilyDana Wellington - daughter (deceased)
Alexander Wyatt - grandson

AppearanceLady Killer

Images (3)

Bruce Wellington is an auction house owner, real estate magnate and philanthropist and Alexander Wyatt's grandfather.

Wellington's daughter Dana fell in love with Ian Murphy and became pregnant. Her father told Murphy that she had an abortion when in fact she had the baby. Alex did not know that Dana was his mother, he considered her to be his aunt. Dana died in an automobile accident in August of 2013. She was 29 years old. Wellington raised Alex to be the heir to his empire. When Ian attended Dana's funeral, her father feared that he would find out about Alex so he wanted him killed.

Wellington's security director hired two hitmen to kill Murphy but Carter and Shaw shot them. Fusco was later able to interrogate them.

Reese, going under the alias John Wiley, and Zoe Morgan met Wellington to distract him by discussing the purchase of a Picasso work while Shaw tried finding Alex's birth certificate. It wasn't there, so Reese asked Wellington for it. He refused, and Reese knocked him out. Despite this, the group were still able to get Alex's birth certificate after Zoe blackmailed Alex's doctor. As a result, Ian was able to get custody of his son.

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