"Building Steam with a Grain of Salt"


ArtistDJ Shadow

ComposerJ. Davis & J. Storch



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Featured inBury the Lede

"Building Steam with a Grain of Salt", recorded by DJ Shadow, is a song featured in the Person of Interest episode “Bury the Lede”. It is played at the end of the episode when Maxine Angelis sees her article about HR published in The New York Journal; Fusco hands the torn out pages of HR's ledger to Simmons, and when Reese and Maxine end their date with a shy kiss.

Another song by DJ Shadow, "The Number Song", is featured in “Mors Praematura”.


From listening to records, I just knew what to do
I mainly taught myself
And you know, I did pretty well
Except there were a few mistakes
But I, uh...
I had just recently cleared up, you know, I mean...

I'd like to just continue to be able to...
express myself, as best as I can with this instrument
I feel like I have a lot of work to do. Still, ya know
I'm a student, of the drums
And I'm also a teacher of the drums too

What makes Cancer tenacious?
The moon rules the fluids
Including the inner juices of human beings
That which assimilates and feeds the body
So the crab feeds his astral brain
Assimilating and distributing all he receives
Slowly, until it becomes a part of him

I can fly through the strangest land
Black satin starry eyes, brown smiling face...

And I would like to be able to continue to...
Let what is inside of me
Which is, which comes from all the music that I hear
You know, I would like for that to come out
It's not like, it's not really me that's coming
The music's coming through me

The music's coming through me

Lyrics from LyricWikia.

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