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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

POI 209 Mendoza

Played by Tony Plana

POI 209 Aziz

Aziz Mansoor
Played by Amir Darvish

POI 209 D3

Played by Christopher Yee

POI 209 Bowman

Detective Bowman
Played by Scott Aiello

POI who

Beautiful Woman
Played by Ann Markley

POI 209 Drunk

Played by Mark Slama

POI 209 Maria

Maria Ordoñez
Played by Verónica Cruz

POI 209 Jorge

Jorge Ordoñez
Played by Marcelo Laygo

POI 209 Vadim

Vadim Pushkov
Played by Kirill Nikiforov

POI 209 Thug

Korean Thug
Played by Mark Azarcon

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