POI 0320 Carlson

Played byMorocco Omari


AffiliationDecima Technologies

AppearanceDeath Benefit

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Carlson is a Decima operative sent to protect Roger McCourt.

Character Background

Reese first spots Carlson spying on McCourt from outside a diner. He goes outside to investigate but Carlson escapes. Reese does manage to photograph his license plate, which Finch traces to Decima Technologies.

Carlson and his men position their car outside McCourt's office, and inform his bodygaurd, Duran, that Reese is an imposter, but Reese is able to subdue Duran. Carlson and his team chase him, but Team Machine escapes.

After Reese and Finch take McCourt to a safe house, Carlson and his operatives ambush them. He is later hit with a car by Shaw, and is captured. The Team interrogates him afterwards. He tells them he was sent to watch McCourt and admits he doesn't know why. Finch finds a message on Carlson's phone, discovers orders to protect McCourt and realizes the latter is affiliated with Decima.

When the police prepare to storm the house Finch, Reese and Shaw are keeping McCourt, the Team leaves Carlson behind as they make a run for it. He is later found by the police.

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