Chris Scollard

POI 0112 Chris

Played byAlex Cranmer

NameChris Scollard


OccupationDFS employee

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationDominic Galuska


Images (2)

Chris Scollard is Andrea Gutierrez's former friend who worked at the DFS.

Scollard was actually running a fake foster care home scam with Dominic Galuska, making a quarter million dollars every month.

When Andrea got too close to discovering the truth he tried to kill her but she hit him with a baton given to her by Reese and ran away. Before he could kill Andrea, John Reese burst into the room and exchanged fire with Chris. Chris was shot in the shoulder by Reese and fled outside where Detective Joss Carter was waiting for him and arrested Chris.


The character's real-life namesake is a visual effects supervisor on the set of Person of Interest.

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