Chris Vaughn


Played byDominic Fumusa

NameChristopher Vaughn



ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationGraham Wyler

AppearanceThe High Road

Images (2)

Chris Vaughn was the leader of a crew responsible for a string of robberies.
Other than Graham Wyler who wasn't there because he deemed the job too risky, he and his whole crew were arrested during one of their heists. He shot the guard to force the manager to open the safe as Graham, their safe cracker wasn't there. He held Graham responsible for their arrest and imprisonment. 14 years later he found Graham and forced him to help them on one last job in return for the safety of his family. Vaughn, however had planned on killing Graham all along. However Reese was able to rescue Graham and knock Chris out. He was arrested again with the rest of his crew.

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