Darien Makris

2x18 - Dario Makris

NameDarien Makris

OccupationCasino Owner
Drug Lord

ResidenceAtlantic City

AffiliationVenus Casiono

First appearanceAll In

Last appearanceAll In

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Darien Makris is the owner of Venus Casino in Atlantic City and very powerful powerful drug lord. He is also the owner of a pharmacy which he uses along with his casino to launder his drug money. His profits from the drug money went into eight digits.

Makris found an ingenious way to launder his drug money. He forced the elderly gamblers at the casino to receive the drug money from his pharmacy in the guise of medication and then made them lose it in his casino.

When he found out that one of those elderly, Lou Mitchell, was skimming from him, he sent his men to kill him. However Reese was able to intervene and save his life. Later Finch got a job at the casino to gather evidence of money laundering and set up Leon as a playboy millionaire to gamble at the casino to keep Makris' attention on him. However Lou returned to the casino to win back the money he laundered for Makris. With Finch staking Lou for $2 million and Reese protecting him Lou starts using his card sharping skills and winning big. He ended up winning over $20 million while Makris was forced to watch.

However being the owner of a casino Makris was able to spot that Leon was a fake and captured him along with Finch, Reese and Lou. The mobster wanted to teach Lou a lesson and show him that he was a loser. So Makris took out a gun, put one bullet in it, and spun the chamber. He then forced Lou to point it at Reese, and pull the trigger. Nothing happened and Makris aimed the gun at Leon and pulled the trigger. The hammer landed on an empty chamber and Makris then pointed the gun at Finch but Reese kicked the table into Makris. He smashed the chair, freed himself, and took out Makris' thugs. Makris tried to shoot Reese but discovered that the gun was empty. Lou revealed that he slipped the bullet out and punched Makris unconscious.

The next day the police arrested Makris and his men.