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POI 0213 POI


  • Social Security Number: Unknown
  • Known Aliases: Kara Stanton
  • Occupation: CIA Agent (formerly)
  • Associates: Greer 
After Stanton's mission in Ordos, she was severely injured and brought to a hospital in Don sheng, China. She was approached by Greer, a mysterious man who was tracking her CIA activities. Greer offered her answers about her betrayal, in exchange for her working for his organization, Decima Technologies. Stanton kidnapped her old CIA boss, Mark Snow, as well as her former CIA partner John Reese, and wired them to bomb vests. She forced them into infiltrating a DOD facility, and then went in herself to upload a cyber-weapon onto the computers. Snow and Reese escaped, and Snow killed himself and Stanton when his bomb vest exploded as he hid in the back seat of Stanton's car.

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