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Decima Technologies

POI 0221 Decima

NameDecima Technologies

First AppearanceDead Reckoning

Latest AppearanceDeus Ex Machina

LeaderJohn Greer, Director of Operations
Samaritan, Mastermind
Others Unknown

PurposePrivate intelligence firm



Decima Technologies is a private technology firm originally identified by Harold Finch as having developed a virus designed to infect the Machine. Decima is connected to a covert group in league with the Chinese to steal U.S. data, and is based in Shanghai. Finch discovers that only a small percentage of the data stolen goes to the Chinese, with the remainder going to another: an unknown recipient. The Office of Special Counsel is also aware of Decima. The organization is responsible for the creation of Vigilance.

The only known leader of Decima is John Greer, identified by the Machine as the firm's Director of Operations. (“Root Path (/)”)

Although Decima recruited Kara Stanton to download a virus to target the Machine so they might get administrative access to it, Finch anticipated such a contingency might arise. The laptop that was sold to the Chinese contained a code that Finch developed to teach the Machine how to put itself into "God Mode", where it could not be harmed and could protect itself, thus foiling Decima's first attempt to access the Machine.

A brief background of Decima can be found in Special Counsel's memorandum. (“Zero Day”)


DECIMA TECHNOLOGIES is a private intelligence firm based out of Shanghai. DECIMA TECHNOLOGIES is an independent, international organization and is not affiliated with the Chinese government. Leadership is currently unknown.

After the failure of their attempt to wrest control of the Machine, Decima turned their attention to developing an alternative and previously abandoned open-system artificial intelligence, Samaritan. Though Finch convinced Samaritan's creator, Arthur Claypool, to destroy the remaining drives containing the Samaritan program, Decima were able to take the real drives into their possession. (“Aletheia”)

Over the course of early 2014, Decima stole an extremely powerful computer chip and a number of high-power generators on which to run Samaritan. (“Root Path (/)”) (“Allegiance”) They then convinced Congress and the government to approve a limited 24-hour beta test of the program. (“Most Likely To...”)

Greer's exposition of his aims and his behavior towards Samaritan suggest that Decima's purpose is not to control artificial intelligence, but to follow it. (“A House Divided”)

Decima operatives sign an insurance policy upon their employment in the organization where it is sent to their families upon their death, including accident or suicide. If caught or captured, that policy nullifies. (“A House Divided”)

By engineering a high-profile terrorist attack by Vigilance, Decima are able to convince the government to grant them permanent access to official feeds, allowing Samaritan to come online with full cognitive capabilities. As of April 2014, Samaritan is active and under the protection of Decima. (“Deus Ex Machina”)

Ross Garrison later states Decima was dropped as a reliable business. (“Panopticon”) Right after its operation, the company begins a world wide search on Harold Finch. (“Panopticon”) (“Prophets”)

Even if Decima is dismantled, all its operatives are not arrested or captured. They declare their allegiances to Samaritan as their new leader. Now, their objectives are to help Samaritan's plans for world domination and to destroy The Machine.

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