Derek Whitaker

POI 0102 2Derek

Played byDanny Mastrogiorgio

NameDerek Whitaker


ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilyTheresa Whitaker - Niece
Elizabeth Whitaker - Ex-wife


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Derek Whitaker was Elizabeth Whitaker's ex-husband and Theresa Whitaker's uncle.

He conspired with Calhoun to have his brother-in-law and his whole family killed for a piece of land, but his niece, Theresa, survived.

When Calhoun found out about Theresa's survival, he sent an assassin, IRS, to finish the job. To try and make amends for his past mistake, he withheld information of where Theresa was hiding even after IRS tortured him. He was shot and killed by IRS.

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