This article discusses a group, project, or location which also exists outside the Person of Interest universe.
Its portrayal in the show may differ significantly from its real-world counterpart.

Domain Awareness is a computerized monitoring system used by the city of New York. It mimics several of the Machine's functions: it monitors various video feeds and electronic communications. The system is connected to over 3000 surveillance cameras and thousands of radiation detectors on police boats, patrol cars and personnel. The system, created by the NYPD and Microsoft at a cost of $40 million, went live in August of 2012.[1][2]

History of the System

2x20 - Domain Awareness

The plots of earth in Oyster Bay. (“In Extremis”)

The system was created by the NYC Police and Microsoft at a cost of $40 million and went live in August of 2012. [1] [2]

References in the Show


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