Dominic Galuska

1x12 - Dominic Galuska

Played byVito D’Ambrosio

NameDominic C. Galuska


OccupationParole Officer

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationChris Scollard


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Dominic Galuska is an employee of the NYC Dept. of Probation and Terrence King's parole officer.

Galuska was part of a scam involving Chris Scollard, who worked for DFS. Galuska would frame innocent parolees in order to have their children placed in the foster care system, which Scollard had rigged with fake foster parents. Scollard then took a hefty percentage of the money the couples received for non-existent care.

Galuska claimed to have found drugs in King's apartment and then "lost" the drug test that would have proven King was clean. This infraction caused King to remain incarcerated and his son placed in foster care.

POI0112 DG
Galuska used one of his parolees, Alonso Garcia, in an attempt to kill King's attorney, who had become a threat to the scam. Reese tracked down Galuska and found him shaking down another parolee for 30% of his salary. Reese knocked Galuska out, put him in his car, poured cheap booze on him and then called 911 pretending to be Galuska reporting that he had been drinking and may be a danger to himself.

Carter called Reese to complain that he framed Galuska. When Reese told her what Galuska was doing, Carter confirmed that there had been other parolees who claimed that Galuska framed them. Carter interrogated Galuska and commented on how most of his clients end up behind bars. When she pointed out that he recently bought a new truck, Galuska claimed that he had come into some money from a dead aunt and that it was all legitimate. When Carter pursued the matter, suggesting that he hired someone to kill Andrea, Galuska denied it and asked for his lawyer.

Reese stole Galuska’s computer while Carter was interrogating him. Finch used the computer to check the bank records and confirmed that Galuska received kickbacks each time he sent a parolee back to prison. Galuska's bank accounts totaled over $520,000. The records also showed that Galuska withdrew just under $10,000 at the same time that Garcia went after Andrea, enough to avoid drawing IRS attention. They found a second withdrawal and they realized that Galuska had hired another killer to go after Andrea. Finch would later confirm that the replacement killer was also one of Galuska's parolees.

While protecting Andrea Gutierrez, Reese visited her office pretending to be a recent parolee having problems with Galuska.

When Galuska and Scollard's scam became public, Andrea was able to win a lawsuit for $10 million in damages for King. {The lawsuit would imply that Galuska would have been charged with a crime and incarcerated, but this in not known.}

He was knocked out and left in a compromising situation by Reese and later arrested by Carter.

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