POI 0320 Duran

Played byTracy Howe



AffiliationRoger McCourt

AppearanceDeath Benefit

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Duran is a bodyguard for U.S. congressman Roger McCourt.

Character Background

McCourt introduces Duran to Reese, who is posing as Secret Service agent Jeffrey Abbott.

They go to a restaurant and Duran and Reese make conversation to get to know each other; Reese gets a call from Finch and goes to talk with him. Reese also suspects a shady-looking man of being a threat to McCourt but the congressman sits the man down and takes photographs with him, also buying him a meal - Duran informs Reese of McCourt's project to feed the homeless.

Late at night, Duran and Reese sit outside McCourt's office and they hear moaning and screaming inside - Reese breaks in only to find McCourt having sex with his aide, Leslie. Duran decides to call it in.

Outside, while Reese talks with Finch about Decima Technologies, Duran waits near McCourt's vehicle. A car containing Decima men is watching them, and one of the men sends Duran a picture of the real agent Abbott - Duran attacks Reese but is knocked out, followed by a brief shootout between Reese and the Decima men.

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