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Main Cast

Root Holder

Root (Credit Only)
Played by Amy Acker

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

POI 0308 Nik

Nikolai Yurlov
Played by Nick Mennell

POI 0308 Judge

Judge Andrew Monahan
Played by Paul O'Brien

POI 0308 Taylor

Young Taylor Carter
Played by Tre Jamison

POI 0308 Pass

Parkway Russian Passenger
Played by Dustyn Gulledge

POI 0308 Uni2

Parkway Uni
Played by Tom Patrick Stephens

POI 0308 Mitchell

Detective Stan Mitchell
Played by Jeb Kreager

POI 0308 FBI

Lead FBI Agent Barnes
Played by Ben Livingston

POI 0308 Driver

Parkway Russian Driver
Played by Aleksander Mici

POI 0308 Vogel

Officer Vogel
Played by Tony Ward

POI 0308 Sitter

Played by Markita Prescott

POI 0308 Uni

Officer Brady
Played by Matt Dellapina

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