Dr. Farouk Madani

1x11 - FaroukMadani

Played byRamsey Faragallah

NameFarouk Madani




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Dr. Farouk Madani is a renowned surgeon from Najaf, Iraq who is currently working in the U.S.

He was unable to afford a medical license because he sent all his money home to provide for his family. He was working as a pathologist when Finch paid him to save Reese's life after being shot by Tyrell Evans. (“Number Crunch”)

When Shaw got wounded while protecting a young person of interest from being killed by HR, Finch asked her to let Dr. Madani help her because he would still owe Finch a favor. (“Razgovor”)


Madani's address is 2510 E. 99th St, New York, NY 10029

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