POI 0314 Guard

Played byChristopher Neal Jackson



OccupationSecurity Guard

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationSymmetric Security


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Farrow is a guard at Symmetric Security.

Character Background

Farrow was first seen when Fusco pulled him over under the knowingly false belief that there was a stolen car in the area. Farrow said that his car belonged to the company he worked for, and Fusco confirmed his ID on his driver's license. He used this to obtain Farrow's fingerprints and prepare Finch with the resources needed to help Kelli Lin infiltrate the Symmetric Security building, steal an artifact called the Gutenberg Bible, and thus rescue Kelli's daughter Kai from a group of foreign extortionists.

Interpol Agent Alain Bouchard, who was pursuing Kelli, called Farrow to warn him that someone was planning on stealing the Bible from the facility. Farrow decided to initiate a security measure that would relocate the Bible to a room on the building's central floor. Finch was listening in with Reese and used this as an opportunity to obtain the Bible more easily than originally planned.

That night, Reese went into the building as a decoy and activated the alarm, causing several guards to break in. Reese briefly fought them off before surrendering and being unmasked by Farrow. He was taken to the NYPD, whose liaison was Fusco. As an ally of Reese, Fusco was actually there for his rescue.

With the alarm distraction successful, Kelli and Sameen Shaw snuck into the corridor through a ventilation shaft and used a set of fake fingers 3D-printed by Finch with Farrow's fingerprints on them, allowing them access past a security panel and into the Bible room. Meanwhile, Bouchard arrived in the building's surveillance center. Farrow said that the thief was caught, but Bouchard insisted the thief was a woman. Farrow was then informed that his prints were used recently, and knowing that he didn't do anything, Farrow sent a team upstairs.

Farrow, Bouchard and the guards arrived in the Bible room, only to find it gone, having been successfully stolen by Kelli in time.

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