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2x14 - fetchandretrieve

First AppearanceLegacy

Latest AppearanceQ&A

LeaderLauren Buchanan

PurposeFinancial institution


The Internet says Hello!

— slogan is an internet company which is part of the Person of Interest universe, located in New York City. It is one of several businesses that appear frequently and have become reliable in-universe brands.

Finch refers to as one of the hottest internet companies in the world that owns the most valuable search algorithms in the industry. He uses the search engine frequently to look up information about people or locations. Similar to other known search engines, offers a number of search features, such as image and news search, and an online map.

The company works with many advertisers, such as Aberox (antidepressants) and QualCash (loans).

Company Overview


VAL (Voice Activated Lookup) is one of's products. It is a personal assistant on smartphones that enables users to search the internet by simply speaking their question into the phone. According to CEO Lauren Buchanan, VAL is the most accurate and the most popular voice-activated search app in the country.

CTO Calvin Mazer planned to use VAL's algorithm to shape the emotions of millions of users in order to turn into one of the most powerful advertising and content delivery platforms in the world.

Known Employees



  • The domain name is registered to Warner Bros.
  • "fetch and retrieve" alludes to "Finch and Reese"
  • "" has also appeared in FOX's "The Following".

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