Finch's Private Security

POI 0101 Sec2



ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

First appearancePilot

Latest appearanceRoot Cause

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Harold Finch's private security consists of two men who assist Finch from time to time. They are a driver and a bodyguard who were first seen picking up Reese from the precinct. (“Pilot”)

It is unknown if they work for Finch on a permanent basis, since he only uses their services occasionally. The driver can be seen driving Finch on several occasions. He hasn't had any direct encounter with Reese.

On their first encounter, Reese punched the bodyguard in the face when he tried to hold him back. He was later seen following Finch and Reese in Central Park when Finch told Reese about the Machine.

Finch calls on his security detail when Reese learns that Charlie Burton is really Carl Elias in “Witness”.

Finch turns to his security detail in “Root Cause” after Root hacks his system.


  • Their names were never mentioned in the episodes and the actors are not listed in the credits.
  • The actor who played Finch's driver appears again in another non-speaking role, playing one of Decima's operatives who accompany Cyrus Wells in “Root Path (/)”.


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