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In each episode summary on this wiki, the flashback segments of the episode are described in a gray field to more easily distinguish the break in the narrative timeline.

Image Episode Character(s)Year/Date
POI 0501 Flashback 25th Anniversary of Harold's Father's Death B.S.O.D. Harold Finch August 11,[note 1] 2006
POI 0501 Flashback Grace and Harold B.S.O.D. Harold Finch 2006
POI 0501 Flashback What Is Death B.S.O.D. Harold Finch 2006
POI 0502 MPOV Finch Teaching The Machine Flashback SNAFU The Machine
POI 0503 Flashback 1 Truth Be Told John Reese 2010
POI 0503 Flashback 2 Truth Be Told John Reese 2010
POI 0503 Flashback 3 Truth Be Told John Reese 2010
POI 0503 Flashback 4 Truth Be Told John Reese 2010
POI 0503 Flashback 5 Truth Be Told John Reese 2010
POI 0512 Simulation Finch .exe Harold Finch
Nathan Ingram
POI 0512 Simulation Fusco .exe Lionel Fusco Simulation
POI 0512 Simulation Shaw .exe Sameen Shaw Simulation
POI 0512 Simulation Reese .exe John Reese Simulation
POI 0512 Simulation Root .exe Root
John Greer
Ross Garrison
POI 0513 Flashback John's Father's Funeral return 0 John Reese
POI 0513 Flashback Finch Grace return 0 Harold Finch
POI 0513 Flashback Cops Talking About Death return 0 The Machine


  1. The only two dates visible on Harold's Father's certificate of death are 08/11/1981 and 07/15/1914. 1981 is 25 years before 2006, which is seen at the beginning of the flashback.

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