Garrett Rossmore

2x20 - Garrett Rossmore

Played byMatthew Rauch

NameGarrett Rossmore


ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

AffiliationPhilia Pharmaceuticals

AppearanceIn Extremis

Images (1)

Garrett Rossmore is a doctor and a friend of Dr. Richard Nelson. He works for Philia Pharmaceuticals.

Rossmore's company Philia Pharmaceuticals lost millions of dollars in revenue after a board comprising of Dr. Nelson ruled against their drug trials. This information was later used by Brandon Boyd and Vincent Cochran to make $500 million by dropping the company's stock. However Rossmore was present when Dr. Nelson received his Professor Emeritus. He offered Nelson a bottle of rare whiskey and admitted that the data wasn't there to support his theory on the drug trials.

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