Gary Cameron

POI 0304 Cameron

Played byPaul Ben-Victor

NameGary Cameron


OccupationPolice detective

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationNew York Police Department

AppearanceReasonable Doubt

Images (4)

Gary Cameron is a NYPD Detective who is in charge of the manhunt for Vanessa Watkins.

Cameron was humiliated on the stand by Watkins during an earlier prosecution and held a grudge which causes him to turn the search for Watkins into a personal vendetta. He goes so far as to declare her armed and dangerous.

Cameron is determined to catch Watkins following her brazen escape from police custody and is aided by a team of police officers, including Carter, her partner Mike Laskey and Detective Raymond Terney during the manhunt. He utilizes Domain Awareness as part of the search.

During an interrogation and mock trial of Watkins at one of Finch's safe houses conducted by Reese, Finch and Carter, Cameron and his team are misdirected by Finch to an underground gambling den, whose location was given to Finch by Zoe Morgan.

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