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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

POI 0109 Yusuf

Played by Anthony Azizi

POI 0109 Daniels

Played by Brian Avers

POI 0109 Kovach

Edward Kovach
Played by Charles Flint Beverage

POI 0109 MKovach

Mrs. Kovach
Played by Jennifer Laura Thompson

POI 0109 Castillo

Mr. Castillo
Played by Victor Cruz

POI 0109 Harris

Sgt. Harris
Played by Ed Moran

POI 0109 Val

Officer Valentino
Played by Gregory Lay

POI 0109 Leonard

Played by Danny Henriquez

POI 0109 Monica

Played by Arianna Hoeppner

POI 0109 Li

Mei Li
Played by Maureen Sebastian

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