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Main Characters

Bear Holder

Bear (Credit Only)
Played by Graubaer's Boker

Root Holder

Root (Credit Only)
Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0414 Emma Blake

Emma Blake

Blair Brown
A former high school English teacher, she was let go because of budget cuts. After she was summoned for jury duty, a fixer started blackmailing her with the threat of killing innocent people if she didn't help swing the verdict in favor of the fixer's client. The Machine placed Finch on the same jury and with help of Reese and Zoe stopped the fixer and exposed the people responsible.

Old Friends and New

Image Name Played by
POI 0414 Zoe Morgan

Zoe Morgan

Paige Turco
Main article: Zoe Morgan
POI 0414 Dr. Iris Campbell

Dr. Iris Campbell

Wrenn Schmidt
Main article: Iris Campbell


Image Name Played by
POI 0414 Caroline Mills

Caroline Mills

Amanda Rising
She was the CEO of a telecommunications company Infinince. After discovering that Infinince's 5K system exceeded SAR limits and caused numerous health problems including cancer, she tried to stop the project only to be killed by Phillip Ward while her husband, Chad, was framed for her murder.
POI 0414 Dean Reston

Dean Reston

Paul Niebanck
The new CEO of Infinince, he is wrongly suspected by Reese and Finch to be responsible for Caroline Mills' murder.
POI 0414 Phillip Ward

Phillip Ward

Richard Topol
Caroline Mills' right-hand man at Infinince, he murdered her after she tried to expose Infinince's faulty 5K system, which would have cost the company billions. He framed her husband Chad for her murder and hired a fixer to make sure he was convicted. He is later exposed by Zoe and arrested by Fusco.

The Trial

Image Name Played by
POI 0414 Cobb


Tina Benko
She is the prosecuting attorney in the murder trial of Caroline Mills. During the course of the trial she accuses Chad Bryson, Caroline's husband, of her murder. But after it is revealed that Chad was set up by a third party, Cobb decides to drop all charges against him.
POI 0414 Yates


Samuel Ray Gates
He is Chad Bryson's defense attorney in the murder trial of his wife Caroline Mills.
POI 0414 Chad Bryson

Chad Bryson

Pedro Carmo
He was Caroline Mills' husband. A failed entrepreneur, he was framed for the murder of his wife. He is later proved innocent.
POI 0414 Judge Reginald

Judge Reginald

Lillias White
She is the judge overseeing the murder trial of Caroline Mills. Although Finch is initially rejected as a juror, the judge calls him back after a juror is held in contempt and removed from the group.
POI 0414 Court Officer

Court Officer

Rich Duva
The Court Officer oversees the jurors at the Caroline Mills murder trial. After Judge Riginald sequesters the jury to prevent any contact with the outside world, he collects everyone's electronics devices leaving Finch cut off from Reese and Zoe.

The Jurors

Image Name Played by
POI 0414 Tim Rollins

Tim Rollins

Bryan Terrell Clark
He is a fixer hired by Phillip Ward to make sure that Chad Bryson is convicted in his wife's murder trial. After Emma was selected as a juror, he started blackmailing her with the threat of killing innocent people unless she helped swing the verdict against Chad Bryson. He also got himself selected on the jury and kept an eye on Emma. After Emma reveals the truth to Finch, Tim broke into their room and tried to kill him but is stopped by Reese. After engaging in an intense hand-to-hand combat he is subdued by Reese and arrested.
POI 0414 Lana Trainor

Lana Trainor

Jamie Carroll
She is one of the jurors on Caroline Mills' murder trial alongside Finch and Emma. She challenges Emma and puts forth her name as the jury foreperson but everyone votes for Emma instead.
POI 0414 Mikki Vara

Mikki Vara

Massiel Mordan
She is one of the jurors on Caroline Mills' murder trial alongside Finch and Emma.
POI 0414 Juror with Cell Phone

Juror with Cell Phone

Brian Berrebbi
One of the original 12 jurors, he is held in contempt of court when his phone stars ringing during voire dire, on account of The Machine, and is replaced by Finch.


Image Name Played by


Mia Caress
One of the reporters covering the trial of Caroline Mills.

Asinine Pundit

David Lavine

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