Harold Wren

1x14 - Insurance Wren

Played byHarold Finch


OccupationInsurance Underwriter

ResidenceNew York City, NY, U.S.

AffiliationUniversal Heritage Insurance

AssociatesNathan Ingram

First appearanceLegacy

Latest appearanceProvenance

FlashbacksThe Devil's Share

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Harold Wren is Harold Finch's oldest alias known to date.

Little is known about the history or complexity of this alias. Compared to his other aliases, which he often only uses to get close to a person of interest, Finch seems to use his Harold Wren persona mostly as his real-life alter ego. It appears that Finch assumes this identity mainly for official accounts, such as his cover job at Universal Heritage Insurance, or situations where a well-founded cover identity is necessary. (“Shadow Box”)

It is possible that Harold Wren is Finch's most comprehensive alias, similar to Reese's John Warren identity.

Character Background

According to Fusco's research, the alias did not appear in any other documents before 1976. The earliest records show Harold Wren with Nathan Ingram at MIT from where he graduated as top of his class. Wren was the name Finch used in his freshman year at MIT. (“Wolf and Cub”)
Harold Wren was best friends with Nathan Ingram and keeps a close relationship with his son, Will Ingram, who refers to him as "Uncle Harold". (“Wolf and Cub”)
After the ferry bombing that killed Nathan Ingram, Harold Wren received therapy to cope with PTSD symptoms.
Wren has been working at Universal Heritage Insurance as an insurance underwriter for several years, according to company accounts. (“Wolf and Cub”)
When meeting his former MIT classmate Arthur Claypool in “Lethe”, Harold tells him that his field of expertise is insurance.


Finch maintains his Harold Wren persona as closely as possible to his real identity. Harold Wren is well-mannered, successful in his career, and socially well-rounded.

Fabricated facts

On some occasions while being Harold Wren, Finch invents character traits or personal relationships as needed. It is either to distance himself from his actual identity, for example by telling Will Ingram that he is not good with computers (“Legacy”), or to allow people in need to benefit from his connections, for example, he supplied Abby Monroe and Shayn Coleman with cover identities to protect them from being arrested. (“Shadow Box”) He also checks Root under the alias Robin Farrow into a psychiatric hospital posing as her uncle. Finch may have doctored their relationship in order to get easier access to her patient records and treatment details. (“Liberty”) (“Lady Killer”)
In “The Perfect Mark”, Harold Wren signed up for hypnotherapy at Hayden Price's practice to treat his severe paranoia and anxiety. Finch may have used this alias because Harold Wren had received psychiatric treatment before. (“The Devil's Share”) All personal information he revealed during therapy, such as his favorite color (blue), and the dog named Scout he had as a child were completely invented because Price was fishing for personal information to hack his patients' bank accounts. (“The Perfect Mark”)


3x07 - Harold Wren's bank statement

Harold Wren's bank statement (“The Perfect Mark”)


  • Only Fusco and Reese know about the history of this alias
  • The alias was first referred to by name by an employee at Universal Heritage Insurance in “Wolf and Cub”.
  • His office is located at 930 W 57th Street, Suite (unknown), New York, NY 10019. The phone number is (202) 555-0112.
  • Harold Wren's voice mail can be reached at (917) 285-7362
  • In “Booked Solid”, Reese jokingly asks if it was "Mr. Wren from Universal Heritage Insurance" who called the Immigration Services posing as a prospective employer for Mira Dobrica, a hotel maid who became a person of interest.
  • Nathan Ingram's comment about Finch's choice of aliases in “Zero Day” could indicate that he knew Finch's real name.

People who know Harold Wren

POI 0110 Pic1

with Nathan Ingram

People who know that Harold Wren is Harold Finch



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • Lady Killer” - has his niece Robin admitted to Stoneridge Hospital
  • The Perfect Mark” - visits a hypnotherapist to receive treatment
  • The Devil's Share” - Flashback, Harold Wren receives PTSD treatment
  • Lethe” - Arthur Claypool recognizes Finch as his former classmate Harold [Wren]
  • Provenance” - Attends an art exhibition opening with Reese as his plus-one

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