Hayden Price

POI 0307 POI7

Played byAaron Staton

NameHayden Price

OccupationCon Man

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AssociatesNatalie Boal - girlfriend

AppearanceThe Perfect Mark

Images (4)

Hayden Price is a con artist posing as hypnotherapist.

Character Background

Price is a prolific con artist who operated a successful hypnotherapy office popular with well-to-do New Yorkers. He used his practice to glean personal information from his rich clientele, which he uses to gain access to their bank accounts. At the same time, he operates multiple classic cons on unsuspecting individuals.

At some point, Price learns from one his his clients, Sven Vanger, that Vanger is involved in a money laundering scheme utilizing the auction of fake sports memorabilia. Price spoofs an email to Vanger, altering the auction lot number from a worthless item to a famous baseball signed by the 1922 Yankees. Vanger, working to launder HR funds, purchases the ball for $4.4 million, but believing it be worthless, sells it for $5 to a Price confederate.

When HR finds out that Price has interfered in their operation, they send a hit team posing as window washers to kill Price and his girlfriend, Natalie Boal. Shaw and Reese intervene and take Price to a safe house.

Unbeknownst to Price, Boal is also a con artist who is running a love con on him. As a result, she has learned of scam with the baseball, and makes her own plan to intercept it. Price calls Boal imploring her to leave the country with him, but she reveals to him that she has been conning him. She proceeds to drop her phone in water, and wanders off with his prize. Hayden is left devastated as he actually did love Natalie and states that he intends to drop his cons. Reese suggests that he become a hypnotherapist in reality since Hayden was actually good at it but that he do it in another city. Hayden agrees and leaves.

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