Henry L. Peck


Played byJacob Pitts

NameHenry Peck



OccupationNSA analyst

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.


AppearanceNo Good Deed

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Henry L. Peck is a former employee of the NSA, who, over the course of his own investigation of additions to a number of his reports, realized that the government had built the Machine.

Character Background

A former data analyst for the NSA, Peck is diligent and meticulous. He once wrote a 78 page summary of why he did not deserve a speeding ticket. This made him an effective analyst, and he worked in a top-secret location analyzing data designed to anticipate terrorist activity. When he realized that his reports were being amended with the identities of terrorists, he began to questions his superiors.

His inquiries got the attention of Special Counsel, who ordered his agents to dispose of Peck. With Reese's help, Peck is able to evade Special Counsel's team, but never stopped asking questions. To keep him safe, Finch confirmed his suspicions about the Machine and how it was used to find terrorists, then gave him money and a new ID, encouraging him to disappear.

In “.exe” the Machine has rendered a simulation, where the Machine was not built. In this simulation, Peck can be seen in the restaurant talking with Shaw about a mass surveillance system. Soon after that, Peck is shot and killed.


  • Peck's Social Security number is 212-XX-XXX. (“No Good Deed”)
  • Alicia Corwin overheard Finch's admission to Peck that he had built the machine.


Season 2

Season 5

  • .exe” (Simulation)

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