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Main Cast

POI 0407 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Shaw's Gang

Image Name Played by
POI 0407 Romeo


Andreas Damm
Main article: Romeo

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0407 Tomas

Tomas Koroa

Adrian Bellani
Main article: Tomas Koroa
POI 0407 Katya

Katya Rodchenko

Faina Vitebsky
Main article: Katya Rodchenko
POI 0407 Marko

Marko Jevdice

David Vadim
He was a member of Tomas' Hole-in-the Wall gang. He was captured during one of their robberies and presumed to have been killed in prison. In fact he faked his death and escaped from prison. Holding a grudge against Tomas he used him and his old gang to steal the Marburg virus for an unknown buyer and later killed two of the members Henrik and Max. He later confronts Tomas when he and Shaw broke into the storage holding the virus and tries to inject him with it to start a pandemic on behalf of his employer. After a brief fight he is wounded by Shaw and later killed by Brooks.
POI 0407 Henrik

Henrik Lengfelder

Drew Hildebrand
A member of Tomas' Hole-in-the Wall gang, he was hired by Marko to steal the Marburg virus. He betrayed Tomas and stole the virus to hand it over to Marko but was in turn betrayed by him and killed along with another member of the gang, Max.

Research 2.0

Image Name Played by
POI 0407 Grice

Devon Grice

Nick Tarabay
Main article: Devon Grice
POI 0407 Brooks


Theodora Woolley
Main article: Brooks

Root's Target

Image Name Played by
POI 0407 Jared

Jared Wilkins

Johnny Sparks
A software engineer who had recently received a $12 million grant from newly elected New York Governor Nick Dawson to set up a charity called One Tablet Per Student, which plans to issue a tablet to every student in the state. Fearing that this was part of Samaritan's plan of furthering its influence, Root went undercover as his son's nanny and with the help of Finch sabotaged the project. Finch later expresses his doubt if they did the right thing.
POI 0407 Seb

Sebastian Wilkins

Ryan Buggle
Jarend Wilkins' son. Root, posing as a nanny, helps Wilkins take care of Sebastian while secretly hacking into his computer to learn about the charity he's involved in.
POI 0407 Lila


Raushanah Simmons
Aide to the newly elected New York Governor Nick Dawson, she was sent to the facility producing Jared's tablets to oversee if everything was running smoothly.


Image Name Played by
POI 0407 Gerald


Cameron Pow
A hotel receptionist who shows Shaw, posing as a rich hotel guest, their hotel's most secure safe. He gets knocked unconscious by Tomas' gang while they steal the safe.
POI 0407 Raju


Debargo Sanyal
An IT maintenance guy who received a text message from Samaritan offering $3000 if he can fix the internet at Sebastian Wilkins' office. He arrives at Wilkins' office after Root sabotaged the servers in order for Finch to implement a worm which would destroy the OS on Wilkins' tablets.

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