IFT logo


First AppearanceGhosts

Last AppearanceTrojan Horse”(mentioned)

LeaderNathan Ingram (formerly)

PurposeSoftware Company

ConnectionThe Machine


IFT, Inc. is a software company founded by Nathan Ingram and Harold Finch in 1983 (“The High Road”). Based in NYC, it is described as "a world leader in computer technology" and is involved in CPU architecture research. (“Trojan Horse”)



IFT was established by both Ingram, who became the company's public face and Finch, who remained in the IT section as a silent partner. (“Ghosts”)

IFT search results

Online publications about IFT. (“Legacy”)


After 9/11, IFT approached the U.S. government and proposed building the Machine. Ingram downsized IFT substantially, collected awards and dealt with the government's liaison Alicia Corwin, while Finch developed the Machine. (“Ghosts”)(“Super”)


After its completion, Ingram arranged to have the Machine shipped from IFT.

1x02 - IFT Logo

IFT headquarters (“Ghosts”)


After Ingram's death on September 26, a bust of his likeness, honoring him as the company founder, was erected in the IFT lobby and his son Will inherited half the company. Finch worked there as a low-level employee until he was "fired" in 2011. (“Ghosts”) (“Trojan Horse”)


IFT offered Monica Jacobs a job. (“Trojan Horse”)
POI 101 IFT Sabre Blade 2437

IFT Sabre Blade 2437 Servers (“Pilot”)

Known Personnel

  • Nathan Ingram - Founder
  • Harold Wren - Co-Founder; Software Engineer
  • Dave - Finch's superior (when he worked as a software engineer)
  • Sasha
  • Monica Jacobs - Anonymously hired by Finch
POI 111 IFT wallpaper

IFT wallpaper on Ingram's PC (“Super”)

Production Notes

  • What IFT may stand for:

MALE (40-55; any ethnicity) - INGRAM. A telegenic tech mogul in the mold of Steve Jobs, he's a friend and partner of Finch's. The face of Ingram Technologies, their collaboration has made Ingram one of the richest men in the world.” (Casting call[1] for Ingram's role)

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