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Main Cast

4x11 - Root

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
4x11 - Harvey


Andy English
A Broker who embezzled money from his clients. When the Machine produced his number, Finch deploys Shaw to take care of Harvey in order to keep her busy and out of reach of Samaritan. Shaw rescues Harvey before he could jump out of a window.

Team Samaritan

Image Name Played by
4x11 - Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
4x11 - Lambert

Jeremy Lambert

Julian Ovenden
Main article: Jeremy Lambert
4x11 - Martine

Martine Rousseau

Cara Buono
Main article: Martine Rousseau

Janitor #2

Alexis Suarez
A Samaritan agent disguised as a janitor, he is knocked out by Reese and Fusco when he tries to ambush the team.

In the Subway

Image Name Played by
4x11 - Gary


Mark Gessner
A man who lost all his money in the Wall Street crash initiated by Samaritan. He handcuffs himself to his investment broker in the subway car while wearing a bomb vest and plans to blow everyone up as he cannot pay his wife's medical bills anymore. Shaw with help from the other subway passengers manages to talk him out of killing himself and he is arrested by the police.
4x11 - Investment Banker

Investment Banker

Brennan Taylor
Gary's investment banker, he lost all of Gary's money in the Wall Street crash initiated by Samaritan. Gary handcuffs himself to him in the subway car wearing a bomb vest and plans to blow everyone up. Shaw and the other passengers are able to talk Gary out of it.
4x11 - Kenneth


Chris LaPanta
An employee at a company which handles the security for the stock exchange. He's in possession of an administrative code that bypasses the bio metric scanner which Root needs to access the server room. Shaw finds him on the subway just before Gary starts threatening to blow up the car. Originally planning to get the code with more unconventional methods, Kenneth simply gives Shaw the code after she saved his life by talking Gary out of blowing himself up.
4x11 - Businessman


Greg McFadden
A passenger in the subway car who's sitting very close to Gary and who's also affected by the financial crisis. He tells Shaw that he's been completely wiped out, and doesn't know if he can pay his kids' tuition. He along with Shaw and the other passengers of the car talk Gary out of blowing himself up.
4x11 - Single Mom

Single Mom

Gameela Wright
Another passenger in the subway. She's not on the market but her boss has lost his job due to the financial crisis, and she got laid off, too. She has three kids at home. She also helps in talking Gary out of blowing himself up.
4x11 - Old Man

Old Man

Charles Techman
An old man wearing a baseball cap who's sitting next to the single mom. He helps in talking Gary out of blowing himself up.
4x11 - Bomb Squad Cop

Bomb Squad Cop #1

Victor Joel Ortiz
An officer with the NYPD bomb squad who enters the subway car and arrests Gary.


Image Name Played by
4x11 - Monty


Chester Jones III
A man in the park who approaches Finch and asks him if he needed a chess partner. Finch tells him that he's been playing with a very shy friend already.

Other Characters

Image Name Played by
4x11 - Guard


Tuffy Questell
A guard who works in the building where Finch and Root go to install the countermeasures against Samaritan's attack on the stock market. He allows Finch access to the security feeds after Root tells him that, due to Reese's intervention, some of the cameras aren't working well.
4x11 - Onlooker

Onlooker #1

Rebecca White
A woman in the crowd in front of the stock exchange who is standing close to Finch and Root. At some point she notices that the stocks just went up again but she doesn't know that Samaritan is behind it.

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