The glitches are in Hex coded ASCII with Greek symbols as usual.

  • a == Sigma (Σ)
  • b == Gamma (Γ)
  • c == Xi (Ξ)
  • d == Delta (Δ)
  • e == Phi (Φ)
  • f == Pi (Π)


  • 65 = 20
  • 20 = 5Ω

Red code

Person.of.Interest.S02E20.720p.WEB-DL.2xRus.Eng.HDCLUB.mkv 002603701
This code appears at 00:43:23

Converted back into ascii text, this is:

"part of the skull. The insulated piece consisted of the upper and back part of the right and left parietal bones. It extended from the lambdoid suture behind to within two inches of the coronal suture before. The sagittal suture was seen to run along the middle of this caries which measured transversely five inches and longitudinally three inches and a half. A great part of the external table of the loose bone had mouldered away and the dura mater was seen through the trepan hole and through many ulcerations in the skull covered with pale unhealthy granulations. The edges of the scalp were swollen livid and painful and the discharge of pus was profuse of a dark colour and very foetid. The insulated piece of bone was immersed in matter blackened on its surface and incrusted with the discharge. I could easily move this piece of bone a little way upwards or downwards or to either side the thin edges of it passing at each movement under the edge or between the tables of"
 This is an excerpt from "The Principles Of Surgery" by John Bell

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