Irina Kapp

2x09 - Irina Kapp

Played byLarisa Polonsky

NameIrina Kapp


ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

AffiliationEstonian mob


Images (2)

Irina Kapp is a member of the Estonian mob. She was known by Interpol who sent out an alert on her, causing her to appear in the NYPD's file on operators from the Estonian mob. She was looking for the laptop of hacker Vadim Pushkov as it contained the Homeland Security Automated Identification Database. It was information on thousand of travelers and terrorist could use the stolen credentials to smuggle their own people into the U.S. However Reese was able to take out the Estonians and Finch was able to recover the laptop. In a conversation between Detective Carter and Secret Service agent Regina Vickers, its stated that Kapp had disappeared.

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